Okay… I had this sitting for a few months now. And I couldn’t figure out what colour palates I should Do for the background. And now i’m finally stuck.

As you know, the character’s colour palates are GREEN based. And I tried red. for the background. And struggled for the colours.

So I decided to leave it alone after I finished the lineart of the background….

Nope. I got nothing, so I’m just gonna post it as is, hopefully I figure it out soon. I’d love to try adding interface on to this thing.

It’s all “sprite/pixle/8bit” based art here. I got a feeling that background is going to be horrific to colour when I get to it.

a MLP model I made a while back, finally decided to post it.

She’s suppost to be a wishing pony named;

Septentriones Volens

She didn’t give wishes to anypony though, she was strict, and made sure that anypony who wants a wish from her, have to complete 3 “nearly impossable tasks”

1. Find the object to make the wish come true [wich includes solving puzzles and other tasks, in a cave that limits your powers, wich means you can’t cheat, and the puzzle changes, every time someone tries to make a wish.]

2. Face your demons

3. Find Septentriones

Complete all 3, and You will get the one wish you desire.

I might do another design for her one day… mostly to fix the crown. Because I went through over 8 different body designs with this character, her only flaw I found was her crown.

Im not too far in to mlp only part of season 2. with Discord. and a little bit about the changeling queen. I have yet to catch up.

I know a few other as well, Rainbow Dash and spike get a pet as well, well after season 1.


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